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iPhone 6S Repair in Delhi

  • Free Diagnostic
  • Low Price Guarantee
  • Only High-Quality Parts
  • Specially Trained Staff
  • Quick & Convenient Repair Process
  • 180-Day Warranty

Owing to the Apple iPhone 6s also refers to its repairing and maintenance. For that, trust us. From proper screen repair to a battery replacement, iCure Solutions has the parts, tools, and experience to get the job done right – quickly and hassle-free.

Opting for an iPhone 6s battery replacement becomes necessary when the battery is showing signs of rapid draining, or reaching random percentages even after ensuring full charge and very little usage.

We provide you the exact iPhone 6s display price, while you consider replacement or repairing of the screen. So, the next time the screen gets damaged due to liquid spills, or any other cause, just gives us a call.

Many times you might have faced issues where the iPhone 6s motherboard has become unresponsive. In cases like this, we are always at your disposal.

We believe in a thorough checking of the Apple product before removing any of its components. So, the next time while seeking a change of the iPhone 6s battery, give us a try, as we serve only the best!



Display Replacement

You own an iPhone and suddenly the screen of your phone gets broken. Then comes the next part where you come to know the cost of screen replacement is almost half the price of the phone.


Back-Glass-ReplacementBack Glass Replacement

Glass backs are the new thing. They lend gravitas to your iPhone, but also make it extremely delicate. Very easy to break, but very hard to fix. Backglass panel replacement requires



Logic Board Repair

The Main Logic Board is the most critical component in a MacBook. And also the most difficult to repair, by far. If you know or suspect, that your MacBook has a faulty motherboard,



Battery Replacement

If the battery of your iPhone is dying on you too soon too often, it might be time to get the battery checked. Don’t be tied down to a wall adapter,make your iPhone usable again.



Speaker Replacement

If your Loudspeaker (for music) or ear speaker (during calls) volume is low or absent. Then come to us to replace it and get it fixed.



Camera Replacement

If your iPhone camera is taking blurry, shaky, patchy, or no pictures at all. The camera is the best part of the iPhone in people’s life.



Liquid/Water Damage

So you dropped your iPhone in water or somewhere water. Or just decided to go skinny dipping with it. Don’t despair, we’re here to repair, ICURE



Charging Jack Replacement

The culprit could be the charging cable or the iPhone itself, there are some issues in the Charging jack while charging. We prefer that the iPhone C


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iPhone Repair Services
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Opting for an iPhone 6s battery replacement becomes necessary when the battery is showing signs of rapid draining, or reaching random percentages.
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